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Home-Made floats, timely but very usefull,


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Home-Made floats, timely but very usefull
@ :: Tackle Reviews ::     Aug 04 2004, 15:13 (UTC+0)
jp writes: On getting no reply on how to make your own floats from the forums, I decided to go ahead and have a crack at it anyway. I'm very glad I did as it has been interesting, useful and considerably cheaper than buying floats from a tackle dealer! Having had this experience I will certaintly carry on with making my own floats and may not buy floats again!

So armed with a sharp penknife, sandpaper, a drill, superglue and enamel paints and varnish, I set myself up with money saving enterprise! I went out and bought some balsa wood (can be bought from craft shops but had to get mine from a doll shop). This is the perfect material to use as it is soft to carve, very boyent, and cheap. I bought a fairly thick long cylinder of balsa, from which i could cut lengths to suit, for only 2, a length of one metre made me about 10 floats. You can by all means experiment with other materials but I found that quills were difficult to use however cane, aka bamboo kebab skewers, was useful with cane floats for sensitivity, large inserts and waggler stems.

I started simply with a puddle chucker just to get into the hang of carving and sanding, the decor was also simple, just varnished. As my confidence increased I tried more daring floats. Canal wagglers tapered very sensitively which work perfectly. Then as confidence increased further i decided to try using other materials such as the cane and also made a carp bob waggler from an old cracked waggler. Then eventually using other floats to learn by i made some excellent floats such as driftbeaters, and bodied wagglers. Then the superb, with no testing, just short term experience, I made a float for carp fishing with floating bait on the surface and another similar to this.

The hardest parts of making these floats was the problem of overcoming the eyes of the floats. i startd by drilling holes into the bottom of the floats and inserting a loaded weight from the drennan crystal waggler whhich simply pushed in and included the eye, this would also enable float change. Then I experimented with wire which was difficult to use. Then with the confidence of cane I drilled tight holes into the bottom in which i glued the tapered cane with eye holes. I found that elongating the cane i could slide on weights that come with other floats and sucure with rubbers.

Being as modest as I can, I made some amzing floats that you just cant buy from shops. The carp floating bait waggler was made so that the loaded weight on it would cock it in the water with no need for shot and it was super sensitive. Then the last float i made from what wood i had was in ode to the first but a new invention. Naming it the lake lobber i carved a lovely shaped float with very high boyency, i then drilled quite a wide hole in the bottom running quite deep and inserted a headless bolt. Then i made a cap to fit the bottom rounding of the float in which a drilled a hole to fit the cane eye which weights can also be added to. Decorated to match the effort i cant wait to use it for any depth fishing a great range (providing i can see it)!

Try it yourself and if you need any tips just ask.
And if you were wondering i saved approximately 40!!!
Well worth it.

Tight lines,


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