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Shatterford Lakes and Country Park, Shatterford Fishing


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Shatterford Lakes and Country Park
@ :: UK Fisheries ::     Feb 12 2005, 07:01 (UTC+0)

Dtidmarsh writes: Address

Tel: 01299 861597

Set in the heart of delightful Worcestershire countryside, the unusual but inviting Shatterford Lakes and Country Park has recently been purchased by new owners Tim and Claire Warrington who are investing much time and money in reinstating many of the attractive features of the fishery and park and who are already planning to add new features. From an anglers point of view the changes are set to improve both the coarse and game angling which are on offer.
The fishery is unusual in that, from the car park and shop at the top of the site you look down on a series of terraced lakes connected by stone-walled streams and waterfalls which gives an almost parkland feel.

Add to this the Sika deer which roam freely between the trees and by waters edge, a group of curious Llamas, the wild bird life which the park attracts and a wide choice of coarse and trout stillwater lakes and you have a haven for the individual angler or anglers and their families.

Indeed, many of the deer are tame and curious enough to let you stroke them as long as you remain calm and move slowly. Be warned, however - leave your peg unattended and you are likely to return to find that not only has your lunch been chomped but so too has much of your bait!

Other attractions include a picnic area, a Wallaby Centre, a Kids Corner an Animal Park, Falconry Centre, Children' Play Area and a trout farm where, if you can't catch a fish you can at least feed them!

Despite its mountainous terrain, there is usually an ample supply of car parking which makes most of the waters at Shatterford Lakes suitable for disabled anglers. There is also an outside cafe (below) overlooking some of the lakes where drinks and snacks can be obtained in summer. Plans are currently in hand to replace the current unusual structure with a purpose-built log-cabin which will incorporate a cafe, showers and toilets.

The The fishery is open all year round from 8.00am until dusk mid week and from 7.00am until dusk at weekends with the exception of Christmas Day, although pre-booking is advisable in summer, especially for anglers who want to fish overnight. This is particularly relevant to carp anglers and those after the giant catfish which run up to 40lbs, making Shatterford Lakes home to some of the biggest catfish in the Midlands.

Follow the link for a large scale map of the Shatterford Lakes and Country Park site.

Opening Times

Weekdays 8.00am - dusk as standard - night fishing is allowed
Weekends 7.30am - dusk as standard - night fishing is allowed

Coarse Ticket costs

Day Ticket - April to end October 5.00(one Rod) / 7.00 (Two)
Day Ticket - November to end March 5.00 5.00
Night Fishing (Two/Three rods) - 11.00
24 hours (One day/One night) - 21.00
36 hours (One day/Two nights) - 31.00
48 hours (Two days/Two nights) - 36.00
168 hours (Seven days/Seven nights) - 115.00

Tickets to be obtained from Reception before fishing.

Coarse Fishing at Shatterford

There are three coarse fishing lakes at Shatterford, all three - Gainsborough, Stuarts and Erics - being at the bottom end of the fishery so it is advisable to drive down in your car. Anglers wishing to use dead baits for the catfish must purchase it from the on-site shop to prevent possible risk of cross-infection to the resident fish whilst anglers fishing the specimen waters of Gainsborough and Erics should use the appropriate tackle including unhooking mat and a large landing net. Best baits are luncheon meat, sweetcorn, boilies, maggots and worm.

Gainsborough Lake

Well stocked with Commons, Leathers, Mirror Carp and Grass Carp to 30lbs; Catfish to 38lbs and roach and tench, Gainsborough is subject of a vigorous restocking over winter which will result in it becoming the fishery's second main specimen lake after Erics Lake.
Ideal for both pleasure and specimen angling, Gainsborough is about 17 feet deep throughout and is typical of the Shatterford Lakes in that it has rapidly sloping sides which take it to maximum depth just a couple of rod lengths out. As a result, the lake is normally fished in the margings a rod length or less from the bank using a two or three ounce bolt rig with boilie or pellet bait.

Anglers going for the roach should fish a whip or waggler set to about six feet fished in close on the bottom. Popular baits for the roach include maggots and casters although fish do fall to sweetcorn.

As with many waters, the fish can be tempremental and, although blanks are fairly rare, the silver fish can like a single orange maggot one day and double red the next. Because of this it pays to take a selection of baits if you are after a good catch so you can find out what the fish are feeding on and adapt your hookbait accordingly.

The marging are popular for float and leger fishing whilst a lot of fish come from the middle of the lake to anglers fishing the top three feet of water with either shallow fished or floating baits.

Beachcaster techniques were not as successful in 2002 as they had been in previous years, which again shows that anglers must be prepared to experiment until they find the right bait and technique rather than just site there hoping that a bite will eventually come along.

As a broad rule of thumb when fishing on or just below the surface, best baits tend to be Chum mixers or floating 12mm trout pellets used in conjunction with a controller float

Stuarts Lake

Previously a specimen carp and catfish water with carp to 30lbs and Catfish to 26lbs, many of the larger fish have been transferred to Gainsborough to enable Stuarts Lake to be developed as a quality pleasure-cum-match water for 2003.
As a result, Stuarts has now been stocked predominantly with carp in the 2lb to 4lb range to ensure plenty of active sport, although the resident population of Bream to 9lbs, Roach to 2lbs and small to medium sized catfish have been left in to provide a variety of sport.

At about two-acres in size, Stuarts is some 12 feet deep throughout and offers 35 pegs. A nice feature of the water is that it looks almost like a Park's Department lake, the hard walkway along the bank interspersed with attractive Weeping Willow trees which overhang the water. This combination not only ensures that anglers are sheltered from each other and can easily find a good solid peg from which to fish but also provides a very pleasand environment in which you can happily while away the hours.

Erics Lake

At two-and-a-half acres in size and with 15 pegs, Erics Lake is Shatterford's main specimen lake. boasting some of the biggest Catfish in the Midlands with verified specimens weighing up to 40lbs as well as a good head of Common, Leather, Mirror and Grass Carp to 33lbs, Koi Carp to 10lbs and Golden Orfe to 7lbs.
Like the other Shatterford waters, Erics Lake is deep with about 20 feet being achieved in the centre. However, unlike Gainsborough and Stuarts, there is a ledge until about six or 10 feet out where between three and six feet of water can be found before the bank shelves steeply to the bottom.

As a result, margin fishing under your rod tip using a normal hair rig works well, as does a floating bait close into the side. Another technique said to be successful is to fish Halibut pellets on the ledge and loose feed with trout pellets.

For anglers who like to fish the centre of the lake a floating bait such as bread crust of Chum mixer is usually best, particularly in summer when the fish are surface feeding.

Those after the catfish are advised to fish a dead bait on the surface, although a lot of anglers lack the confidence to persevere with this technique, normally returning to fishing on the bottom if they have not had a bite within a couple of hours. Best way to achieve a floating dead bait, which must be purchased from the health-checked stock in the shop on site, is to use a zig-rig or controller with the hook set about a foot from the float.

A feature of Erics as a specimen catfish water is that at least one of two 30lb catfish come out each so regular visitors to the fishery are in with a chance of having a memorable catch.

Stillwater Trout Fishing at Shatterford

There are four stillwater trout fishing lakes at Shatterford, all four - Wyre Dell, Andy Capp, Stella and Masters - being at the top end of the fishery. Lessons are available with expert tuition at a cost of 15.00 and rods can be hired for 7.00 Best flies include Viva, Montana, Hares Ear, Muddley and Shatterford Special.

Wyre Dell

Wyre Dell is one-and-a-half acres in size, holds 20 pegs and is stocked with Rainbow and Brown Trout again averaging 3lbs with a minimum stock size 2lb. The lake is stocked daily but is said to be one of the hardest of the Shatterford trout waters to fish. Catch and release is allowed and the charges are:

11.00 for a four-hour one-fish ticket then catch and release; 16.50 for a two fish ticket then catch & release; 28.00 for a four fish ticket then catch and release. The first fish caught as part of the bag limit must be removed from the fishery.

How to get there...

Shatterford Lakes and Country Park is just two miles north of Kidderminster on the A442 towards Bridgnorth. It is less than half an hour's drive from the Midlands motorway network.
Leaving Kidderminster town centre, take the signs for Bridgnorth (A442) and you will see the fishery signed by brown tourist signs for the Wildlife Sanctuary and Fishery. The entrance is on the right.

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