Our top best Android applications in March 2016 output is ready. A varied selection of titles that we should not miss the last month. To download absolutely on your smartphone or tablet!

Mail Time

You dream to manage your emails as SMS ? Why not try Mail Time. Surprisingly, this new application that has just landed on Android reformats your emails as bubbles, giving you a conversation mode interface comparable to your SMS application or an email client like WhatsApp.


With Mail Time, not only do you miss most answers to your important messages but in addition, you can chat as easily as SMS. A beautiful application that gives desire to communicate by email, it is to say!



How you present a selection of the best apps of the month without speaking to Miitomo, the first official application of Nintendo doing his arrival yesterday in the Google Play Store? Clarify things right away, it’s not a game that lets you find the emotions of Game Boy on your Android smartphone but rather a kind of lively social network that allows you to communicate with friends by through your Mii, virtual character that you have created.

It’s pretty fun and that’s enough to create buzz. We would have preferred to see a real game but Miitomo land remains still quite entertaining and you probably will not hurt to pass it.


If you like Pocket, you’ll love Basket. Quite similar in its functionality, the application allows you to save videos and articles to view them later, but it is even better organized. The saved items are classified in different categories. To save an item, you simply share it with the application. A child’s play! And to help you understand, at first use, you can simply import your favorite Pocket or Instapaper.

Another advantage is the app to protect your data plan by enabling the synchronization only when connected to WiFi. In addition, each article is uploaded so it can be read offline.


Newcomer in the Google Play Store , protonmail is a new customer with highly secure email encryption end to end of your messages. From there, no one is able to read, apart from the sender and recipients, as did not fail to recall the Wall Street Journal praised this application in a recent article .

Already used by more than one million people, ProTon Mail encrypts your default messages, including emails stored on the device and even allows you to protect them with a password. The kind of application that Edward Snowden should appreciate. Also, best of all, the application is 100% free and 100% open source .